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Enhance Your Beauty with Traditional Jewellery

Jewellery has a great importance, specially for women. Women have been for ages decorated themselves with various metals in articulate style. India has a rich tradition of jewellery, and the style of jewellery varies from region to region. Each state has a special brand of jewellery that is traditionally worn by their people. Likewise, Coorg in Karnataka, has a distinct style of jewellery, which is becoming popular and is in demand.

Muliya jewellers specializes in Coorg Traditional Jewellery, that has its own speciality and significance. Coorg Jewellery designs are based on nature, and inspirations are drawn from natural surroundings and objects like sun, moon, stars, serpents, fruits and flowers. The designs are very beautifully carved, making the piece distinctive. Coorg Jewellery ismade of both gold and silver with addition of stones like rubies and pearls.

Let us discuss some important Coorg Traditional Jewellery, wornby a bride.

Karthmani –  it is a neck piece worn by married women and is made of black beads strewn on a gold chain string. This piece is made of very little gold as about 2 grams, not long enough but a little low on neck. This can be used as daily wear as its very light and comfortable.

Pathak – is also a piece worn by married women. It is a neckpiece, stringed by gold and coral beads combined with black glass beads, has a large gold coin in centre, embossed by either image of queen Victoria or goddess Lakshmi, surrounded by Rubies, crowned by a cobra with dangling natural water pearls.This piece being a bit heavy is usually used for occasions and festivals.

Jomale – is a fancy neckpiece 71cms long, made of round gold bead filled with lac and strung in black cord. It is an important part of Coorg bride jewellery, which the bride needs to wear. This is a very fashionable piece, which has taken to modern route by being strung not by black thread, but different coloured thread, which gives it a unique character.

The jewellery signifies wealth and fertility; hence the pendant embodies the symbol-i.e., seated Goddess of wealth-Lakshmi, surrounded by birds and a cobra with inflated head. The length of the chain is 26 inches, that falls pretty good around the neck for a fine show above the saree.

Coorg Bangles or Kadagas – bracelet stacks or multiple sets of bracelet or bangles have become the latest trend. But Coorg Traditional Jewellery, has this latest trend already in its kitty. Coorg Bangles are made of gold that is hollow inside and can be made in stacks of 2-3 bands of gold that fastens around the wrist. The bangles are embellished with rubies and twisted gold wires, which looks extremely beautiful and trendy.

Paunchi – another form of Coorg Bangles, is an exclusive endeavour of art. It has 2/3 cycle of repetitive rounds of gold grains that looks awesome when worn. Pimbale and Pirable are Coorg Bangles, made of gold in relatively simple design. Another form- Vajrachudi, whose design resembles the pointed look of jackfruit. As we see the Coorg Traditional Jewellery is inspired by nature, hence we see the replicas of nature in their design.

Jadaenagara – or the head ornament or maang tikka, consists of a head piece with three strands called- suryamukhi, chandramukhi, and kutchu made of 3 strings of black thread decorated with gold, to hold the headpiece in place. The head piece usually has depiction of Shiva and Parvathy with Ganesha, symbolising happy married life and fertility.

The foot jewellery – special emphasis is given to decorate the foot of the bride. The foot jewellery is made of silver with a native iconic artistry, that has rings on all fingers laced with chains attach to the anklet.

Brooch – is animportant accessory of Coorg Jewellery. The way the women of Coorg drape the saree the brooch becomes an essential part of jewellery like jhumkas, which are made of gold, rubies and pearls.

The speciality of Coorg Jewellery is its making, which is slightly different from the other jewellery making. Coorg Traditional Jewellery use modest metal and beat it to make it paper thin, that gives a 3-dimensional effect and heaviness to the jewellery.

Muliya jewellers, one of the best for Coorg Traditional Jewellery, has been in the business since independence, but are in Bangalore since 2012, with their same trademark of authenticity and individual and matchless designs.


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