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Jewels SAP Terms & Conditions

  1. 3 Types of Jewels Saving is available, 1 Year fixed Instalment plan, Bullion SIP plan with Flexible Instalment, Daily Plan

  2. 1 Year JSAP is for minimum instalment of Rs.1000/- per month.

  3. Enrolment can be in multiples of Rs.1000/-.

  4. Customer Will Get Bonus of 50% of Instalment after completion of the tenure

  5. Bullion SIP starts from Minimum instalment of Rs 2500/-

  6. Bullion SIP Plan is of 12 Months plan with Flexible Amount (Greater than First instalment) And Customer can pay any number of instalments within 12 months

  7. Bullion SIP will be Given a Bonus of 2 % in The Form of Gold added to Accumulated Gold (Interest will be calculated in Recurring form from each instalment date)

  8. Customer Can Make payment & View the Passbook in Muliya Customer App which is available in Google play store/Apple Store

  9. Payment can be made through Cash/card/cheque/NEFT/online

  10. Customer has to pay all the Instalments without fail

  11. Only jewellery can be purchased, & No Gold/Silver Bullion OR Coins cannot be redemption in 1 Year & Daily Plan

  12. Customer has to Purchase within 364 days of payment of First Instalment

  13. Photo ID & Address-proof is required for all enrolments

  14. In case of default on monthly instalments, Customer will not be eligible for Bonus

  15. After 240 days of payment of First Instalment, Company will not accept multiple instalments in single payment

  16. To avail Bonus, do not close JSAP before completion of Tenure.

  17. Gold rate prevailing on the day of Instalment will be applicable and corresponding gold weight will be accumulated in Customer Account

  18. Online paid amount will generate Sales receipt & Gold will be accumulated in Customer A/C immediately, in case any delay in credit/update, MULIYA will manually credit on reconcile & not later than 3 days

  19. The Redemption of JSAP can be happen in any Branches of MULIYA

  20. Customer must nominate his representative

  21. In case of inability of Customer to be present at the time of redemption, the authorised representative will be allowed to redeem the scheme with proper identity proof. Management, if not satisfied with the identity of the person and the documentary proof, reserves the right to decline the redemption of the scheme

  22. Monthly instalments will have to be paid latest within 5 days of the due date of monthly instalments.

  23. Payment by Cheques will be credited on realization.

  24. Company reserves the rights of Closure OR Modification of scheme at any time

  25. Amount will not be refundable. Customers have to collect Gold/Silver ornaments. (If Bullion SIP Customer can Purchase Gold Bullion/Coin/Jewellery)

  26. Prevailing taxes & Statutory rules are applicable as per Government notifications from time to time.

  27. Applicable taxes are deducted from each instalment and for balance amount gold/silver weight will be accumulated to Customers’ account based on prevailing gold/silver rate of instalment paid date. Manufacturing and other charges with applicable taxes to be beard by the customers at the time of billing.

  28. Customers can collect the Gold/Silver Ornaments equivalent to the accumulated gold/silver from their account or more after necessary billing. No need to pay taxes which already applied while paying the instalments. For additional Purchase applicable amount to be paid along with any prevailing applicable taxes.

  29. Disputes, if any, Will be subject to PUTTUR Jurisdiction.

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