When you visit Eiffel tower you purchase the model of tower as a memory, when you visit Taj Mahal you purchase a model of Taj Mahal as a memory. When you visit Madikeri purchase something that will forever etched in your memory.

About Coorg

Birthplace of the River Cauvery and a home which gave the bravest soldiers for the Nation, Coorg is noted for its charming beauty. Hiking, cross-country, or simply motoring down mountain trails, the visitor encounters broad views of the morning mist rolling down thickly wooded hill slopes, that cool breeze in every season and the undulating paddy fields and neat rows of coffee bushes resplendent under the blue skies.

Coorg Speciality Jewelleries


A Pathak is a traditional jewellery indigenous to the Kodava community of Coorg. It’s a symbol of marriage in Kodava culture. A Pathak conventionally is a gold coin with an image of Goddess Kaveri or Lakshmi, with a serpent head bearing a cluster of fresh water pearls as the helm of the coin. The pendant is the Center piece of a necklace made of gold and coral beads, ending, as it goes towards the neck, into strands of twisted glass beads.

Peeche kathi

Kodavas are the descendants and are a warrior race, like the Kshatriyas. They are the people who ritually worship their guns and swords. The Kodava warriors strap their ‘Peeche kathi’ in the front and ‘Ayuda kathi’ in the back. They are of ornate design and embellished with Gold or Silver. The Coorgi men would insert the Peeche kathi at their waist and it is more of a status symbol rather than an instrument of war. This deep significance can be seen during all ceremonies in Coorg.

Coorg Kada

Coorg Kada, a traditional jewellery indigenous to the Kodava community of Coorg. These are a gold bangles single, double or even triple tiered with the characteristic screw which is used to open and close the bangle. These Kadas are usually tight fitting and wrap themselves around the wrist. A Kodava Kada is often embellished with rubies and other precious stones, but it also may be made plain.

Simha Kada

Simha Kada, nine Simha (lion) faces are carved into gold and adorned with rubies in this traditional handcrafted piece with an artful work. Lion in the Kada symbolize the strength and power of roaring. Wearing it in the special occasions is a sign of Kodava Tradition and an Attitude.


The Jomale, is a traditional necklace of the Kodava community of Coorg.  Which consists of gold moulded grooved beads strung on black cords. The hollow beads are filled with lac and translucent material. Nowadays, the Jomale is strung on different coloured threads to make a fashion statement.


A crescent shaped repousse pendant set with graduated rubies, framed with sea pearls, filled with hollow gold beads, is a traditional wear for Coorgis. The pendant has the image of a seated Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and a cobra in the top, which is a multiple symbol of wealth and prosperity, and the serpent, fertility. In some designs, rim of the pendant is fringed with pearls.

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